Book #67: Winterkill

Kate Boorman, Winterkill, (2014), 323p

Hello Alberta Readers Choice Award that was written practically for meeeee. Yes, it feels that way.

Dystopian? Check.
Questioning teen who just doesn’t quite fit in? Check.

Like seriously. Typically when I read any Canadian award nominee lists, my eyes glaze over and flip back into my head where I dream of a world where bleek, dingy settings mix with teen drama and a sprinkling of Canadiana. Rarely do I find anything that I really, really want to read on those lists. Except this year!

Hello Winterkill!

Emmeline lives in an isolated gated community, thought to be surrounded by dark mysterious forces. The community is closely watched by the Council for acts of waywardness and uprising. Emmeline’s sixteenth birthday arrives –  and with it her opportunity to be bonded, also known as being arranged married off. Emmeline is stained by the actions of her wayward grandmother and is not really a hot commodity in the community. Somehow she catches the eye of a community leader. But, when her dark dreams encourage her to explore the woods surround the settlement – with the help of a mysterious boy named Kane –  she discovers that things may not really be as they seem.

I liked this book. A lot. The creepy religion. The mysterious lost people in the woods. The stigma and stain of family secrets. A mysterious cute boy.

I put the next book, Darkthaw, on hold and (surprisingly) it came in pretty quickly, but soon was submerged in the dark pit of my TBR pile with more pressing stories piled on top. It IS a book I will get to. Eventually. Because I’m anxious to know more about Kane. Swoon.



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