Book #72: The Autistic Brain

Temple Grandin, The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum, (2013), 206p

This was a book club pick. Would I have ever picked this up on my own? No way, no how. Did I learn a few things? You betcha.

Grandin weaves her personal experiences and thought processes with current scientific studies and discoveries to paint a picture of how autistic brains work. She touches on, amongst many things, the sensory sensitivities and stigma faced by those with autism.

What I found very humbling was Grandin’s acknowledgement (with her vast knowledge and expertise) that she too makes assumptions based on her persona experiences and feelings. She assumed that because, as an autistic, she felt/said/thought things in one way that every other person with autism did too. I also love that she is first in line for any new technological  advancement to learn more about the disorder.

I’ll admit I was quite ignorant about autism before reading this book and feel slightly less ignorant after completing it. Interesting read that I never would have picked up unless I was forced to. My job is really tough, guys. 🙂




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