Book #7: Before You

Amber Hart, Before You, (2014), 320p

This was my very first experience reading an advanced readers copy – yay for pseudo book blogger/library assistant perks! I signed up for NetGalley and this was the first (and so far only 😦 ) read I have been approved for so far.

Before You is your typical wrong side of the tracks love story. Faith Watters seems to have it all – dance team captain, good grades, and a football player boyfriend. Her father is the local pastor and beloved by all. But Faith, like us all, has secrets. She meets Diego, a tattoo and scar covered Cuban immigrant, when she is assigned to help him get settled into a new school. Diego has a dark past he is desperately trying to escape. As Faith and Diego grow closer, much to the dismay of their peers and families, Faith comes face to face with her secrets and has to chose between her perfect life and this not-so-perfect new guy.

I picked this book because it looked like a light, fluffy teen romance novel. I was mostly right. While predictable from the start, it was fast paced and heavily plot driven. I finished it in a little over a day as I was completely sucked in. Was it the best book I’ve ever read? No, not really. But it entertained me. I could have done without the interspersed Spanish (it seemed a little tacky for me), but I liked the way Hart flipped between the viewpoints of both characters. This was a good summer read, perfectly entertaining, and would make an excellent travel companion (Where was this a week or so ago?!?).

There’s a sneak peak at the end of the book for another title in this series, After You, which I will happily gobble up when it’s released. I would happily call this my guilty pleasure read – I sort of hate how much I enjoyed this predicable story.

Happy reading –
Laurie 🙂