Book #47: Yes Please

Amy Poehler, Yes Please, (2014), 329p

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really, really, really like funny ladies. I love that there are so many wonderfully beautiful, hilarious, ballsy women out there for me to aspire to be. Amy Poehler is definitely on this list.

I will also be honest and say that I have never seen Parks and Rec. Yes, I’m horrible, and yes, I need to get on it. But that being said, I didn’t love this book any less BECAUSE I’m a failure at watching really funny television shows.

Poehler recounts her childhood, her first attempts at comedy, her love affair with Tina Fey, her marriage (and in turn, her divorce), and her life with kids. All this with hilarious pictures, guest cameos by the likes of Seth Meyers, and random colourful (in more ways than one!) quotes. It was cute and funny and exactly what I needed.

Wow. That was a short review. But seriously, don’t let the lack of words dissuade you. Read this book. But beware, it’s seriously heavier (physically) than you would think. That’s some high quality paper, Poehler.

2015 Reading Challenge: a memoir 🙂