Book Nerd Problem #13: Back Burner Guilt

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my reading. Like seriously, how pathetic does that sound.

With other things going on in my life – primarily obsessing about buying a condo, obsessing about my partner’s work, obsessing about being a grown up, obsessing about my upcoming half marathon, obsessing over The 100 on Netflix – I haven’t been reading as much.

That leaves my reading precisely here…


on ye old back burner. Which leaves my blog here as well, cause one pretty much relies on the other. I also haven’t been leading the book club at work for the last few months and my book club ladies and I have been lackadaisical in meeting at a regular basis.

Time to step up my game.

Book Nerd Problems #11: Defending your Books

I read a lot of teen fiction, as anyone who reads my blog will know. I also dabble in historical fiction, erotica, and memoirs.

Teen fiction is typically shunned and labelled as easy reads. But honestly, I typically respect these characters more than the ones in so-called adult fiction.

Imma just going to leave this article here and let my newfound literary love, Caitlin Moran talk about it for me.

Book Nerd Problem #10: Cheesy Covers

I’ve been busted reading cheesy books in public, mainly based on their cheesy covers. And I’m not just talking the cheesy romance/smutty books either. Teen covers can be pretty horrid as well.

This article (yes, it’s from Cosmo. Yes, I’m lame) made me laugh really really hard.

Book Nerd Problem #9: Book Pledges

For the third year in a row, I am doing the 50 Book Pledge. Officially. Realistically I have been attempting my very own version of the 50 Book Pledge for about 6 years. I think out of the last 6 years, I was just shy one year – capping out at 40-something books – mostly because it was my first year back in post secondary. Now I’ve started this whole 1000 Book Pledge thing…

This year I was attempting to do something record breaking for me – read a whopping 75 books.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE book pledges. It gives people drive and ambition and a challenge. (clearly I love challenges, right?!?) But setting up a goal like 75 books a year for me to read is really skewing my choices. I really am not picking longer books, because it will take me longer to read them. My 1000 Book Pledge goal isn’t as restricting, because I’m smart and haven’t set a time limit. Because realistically, my time limit would be like 30 years.

Next year, I plan on knocking it back to the 50 Book Pledge. Then it won’t limit me as much and I won’t feel pressured to pick up so many 300 page novels.

PS. I am currently at 62 books for the year. On pace for 72. So so close.