Book #34: Dealing With Difficult People in A Week

Brian Salter & Naomi Langford-Wood, Dealing with Difficult People in a Week, (2012), 121p

I work with the public. Sometimes the public is difficult. We all can admit at some point and time we have a) taken something out on someone who’s fault it clearly wasn’t; b) over reacted to a situation; and c) gotten angry and yelled at a complete stranger. But I have never made hurtful comments to someone, tried to use someone’s sexuality against them, nor demeaned someone to the point where they cried. Yet all three of these things have been done to me by the general public in my work place.

I’m slowly trying to grow a thick skin and not take things to personally. I’ve gotten much better at it in the last year and a half. Heck, I’ve even been asked to do customer service training for staff on dealing with difficult customers, so clearly I’ve done something right.

I picked up this book as I was randomly walking through the stacks at the library. I thought maybe there would be something in here that could help me out. Add something to my so-called “dealing with shitty people” toolbox.

…there really wasn’t. This book does offer a lot of insight into breaking down personality and behavioral types. It gives you tips and tricks on working with these types of people. but realistically it’s all up to you how you react to these situations. And the self care that you do afterwards. I’ve become better with my self care – running, blogging, playing with my pets – instead of eating my feelings, crying, and sleeping like I used to do.

Seriously, I guess what it boils down to are some people are shitty, but there’s really nothing you can do about it. Realize you are awesome and don’t let the shitty people drag you down into their shitty world.

Happy reading –
Laurie 🙂