Book #16: City of Heavenly Fire

Cassandra Clare, City of Heavenly Fire, (2014), 725p

It’s finally over! Six books, seemingly endless pages. The Mortal Instruments series is finally wrapped up.

I find it hard to review a book partway through a series, especially since it is a series I started reading way before I started blogging. I’m going to try not to give too much away. But if you’ve read part of this series, or hope to someday, maybe skip this post. I swear, I won’t be offended.

Clary and her Shadowhunter pals are up against their most difficult challenge yet – Clary ‘s dangerous, heartless brother, Sebastian. He’s building his army of turned Shadowhunters, ones who have become dark behind their familiar faces. When one of the Downworlder groups commits the ultimate betrayal by backing Sebastian, all hell breaks lose. Loyalties are tested, bonds are strengthened, and lives are lost in this lengthy finale.

What I absolutely adored about this book is that it wrapped up not just one, but both of Clare’s series. By bringing back some of the beloved characters from the Infernal Devices books, it tied the two series together. Everything is so intertwined. I love that I read ID before finishing of MI. It was sweet and cute to see how everything wrapped up. Needless to say, everyone got their happy ending 🙂

I’m happy this series is over. I enjoyed most of it, but I was happy it wrapped up. I know originally the series wasn’t supposed to go past three books. I’m happy that it did. I do feel like Clare copped out in this book. It came across as predictable. She didn’t challenge or shock the reader. Like I mentioned, everyone got their happy ending. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, I would have liked a twist of some sort. It also seemed unnecessarily long.

But anyway. Goodbye Clary and Jace. See ya Isabelle and Simon. Check ya later Alec and Magnus. It’s been a slice.