Book #9: Lamb

Christopher Moore, Lamb, (2002), 444p

The reading of this book has been a slow process for a few reasons. One: life has gotten in the way the last week or so. Work, running a race, general frolicking with friends, sleep, starting in a direct sales business. All of those things have been a priority for me instead of reading. Two: I did not pick out this book for me to read. My partner did. Typically, I have really not enjoyed books he has picked out for me, particularly by Christopher Moore. We are batting 1-1; one absolutely hated (Fluke), and one “I guess I can tolerate this” (A Dirty Job). But I thought “hey, what the heck?!? I’ll give it another shot.”

I wish I hadn’t

Another reason this book took me so long to read is because I really wasn’t into it. It’s just not my idea of a good time. Maybe I don’t like satire? Maybe I really don’t like Christopher Moore? Maybe I just really don’t get religion or anything related to the bible? Who knows. I just really didn’t like this book.

Quick synopsis: the angels bring back Biff, aka Levi, aka Joshua’s bestest childhood bud to write his side of the story. It fills in some gaps from the bible. Everyone’s favourite and least favourite apostles make an appearance. Maggie (Mary Magdelene) is prominently featured as well, the love of both Joshua and Biff’s lives.

I’ll admit, some parts actually had me laughing out loud: Biff creating sarcasm and having it used against him; random kung fu; Mary and her devil. But for the most part, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

I think I’ve learned my lesson. Third time was not the charm for Chris Moore. I think I’m done trying to force myself to read his stuff. I feel like I’ll make some enemies here, but he’s just not for me.

Also, I don’t know if I’ll be letting my partner pick out any more books for me in the not so distant future. I tend to hold grudges 😐

Happy reading –
Laurie 🙂