Book #82: Dragonfly in Amber

Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber, 2001, 743p

Hello giant beastly huge book with a giant beastly huge Scotsman! Hubba.

This one took me A LOOOOONG time to read.

a) Because of said mentioned beastly length
b) Because this one was harder to get into than Outlander. Like seriously, it took me like 300 pages to be like ‘okay, this is aight’

I get it. I get it. We sort of need all the historical backstory to get to the spoilery ending. But, my new Outlander motto is: MORE JAMIE, LESS ERRRYTHING ELSE.

We met Claire again in present day – well as present day as 1968 is – with her fire-haired daughter Brianna (hmmm…I wonder where she gets that from…) as they head back to Scotland. Claire plans to reveal to Brianna once and for all the unfathomable details about her heritage. Told through present day Revelations and beautiful, Highlander-filled flashbacks, we learn more about Claire and Jamie’s quest to change history and where it led them.

The cliffhanger ending somewhat made up for the slow start. I have yet to pick up Voyager, cause I’m worried it will be much the same. I feel like this a series that is going to take me a decade to read, but I’ll slog through it one giant tome at a time.

Cause Jamie.

Book #44: Outlander

Diana Gabaldon, Outlander, (1991), 627p

So. I fell of the face of the planet. I’m behind on blogging about THREE books. I’m a horrible blogger, I apologize, and let’s move on. ­čÖé Kidding. I feel like the only person I am disappointing is myself.

Way back when, when being a few weeks ago after I came back from Mexico, the bronchitis bug visited me. Which sucks. If you’ve ever met me, you will know a) that I have a horrible immune system and b) I easily go stir-crazy. With nearly 4 days of bronch-induced bed rest ahead of me, I knew I would go batty without undertaking a huge challenge. Which is where Outlander comes in.

I’ve always wanted to read this series, but come on – these books are each like a zillion pages. Luckily, I downloaded the eBook version to save my itty bitty wrists. I dove in head first and came out alive on the other side. Alive, and super happy.

Here’s Outlander in a nutshell: Claire and her hubby, Frank, reconnect after being separated during WWII, and reunite for their second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands. While there, Claire stumbles upon and stumbles through a circle of stones which transports her 200 years into the past – and into the arms of a hot Scot. Claire is forced to marry Jamie, a clansman, to protect her from Frank’s horrible relative, Jack Randall.┬áThis results in sexiness, danger, and bloodshed.

Okay – Jamie is adorbs. Rough and tough. I know I’m going to get sucked into the rest of the series – and the television series as well – because of him. Claire is just what I like in a heroine – stubborn, intelligent, and silly.

But yeah – I dug this book. I dug the characters. Read it. Watch it. Enjoy it.

2015 Reading Challenge: A book with more than 500 pages