Book #80: Furiously Happy

Jenny Lawson, Furiously Happy, 2015, 329p

I adore Jenny Lawson. Her frank candidness about her mental health struggles is reassuring. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s to struggle and fall back down and cry and fail. The more people I see sharing and telling their stories make me feel less alone. Mental health disorders are isolating and exhausting. I am about two years post-diagnosis and I’m still pretty fucked up about it all.

I struggle with anxiety. My official diagnosis is Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which in a nutshell means I worry about everything everyday and always. Normal things –  like driving a car, going to the doctor’s, being late, and saying the wrong thing, – overwhelm and consume me. I lay awake at night and plan how I would get out of my house if there was a fire. I worry that my dog is unhappy. I think everyone hates me.  My relationships and friendships are affected. My overall health and well being are affected. It is not fun living in my head (or living with me).

We caught glimpses of this side of Lawson in Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. That book was FAR more hilarious than this one. This one had it’s moment, but for me it was more powerful, because the struggle is real.

Her advice to succeed at anything: Pretend You’re Good At It. I heed this advice. Everyday. I pretend I’m good at life. Not overwhelmed or anxious or drowning.

This book hit really close to home for me. Read it. Love it. Cry about it.

Book #37: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Jenny Lawson, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir), (2012), 318p

Never, ever, ever read this book on a plane. No, seriously. You will burst into obscene, hilarious laughter, then realize what you are doing, then try to stifle and choke back the laughter which makes you look and sound even more ridiculous.

That being said, please do read this book everywhere else. It’s seriously that good.

I had seen this book kicking around for quite a while, because honestly the cover is so freaking cute – how could I NOT notice it? I wanted a funny read for my trip home to see my family. This was a nice reminder that there are families even more dysfunctional than mine 🙂

Jenny Lawson had a typical childhood – if typical childhood’s consisted of incredible amounts of creepy taxidermy and bread bag shoes. Written about in a hilarious fashion.

Please read this book, if only for the bobcat-boyfriend story which is what made me choke on laughter 38,000ft in the air.

I seriously don’t want to give anything else away. Please read this book. And Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman too, if my previous blog post hadn’t already convinced you. Then we can chat about it and be best friends.

Happy reading –
Laurie 🙂