Book #3: The Good Luck of Right Now

Matthew Quick, The Good Luck of Right Now, (2014), 284p

I absolutely adore a good old epistolary novel (thanks English class!): a novel told through a series of letters. This novel was particularly special as it was told through a series of letters to one Richard Gere. Yes, that Richard Gere. Seriously, it’s perfectly weird and wonderful.

This was a super quick, quirky read that entertained me from cover to cover. This was the second book I have read from Mr. Quick and was drastically more light hearted than Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock…which is strange considering this entire book is filled to the brim with grieving and mental health issues. But, anyway…

The Good Luck of Right Now introduces us to Bartholomew Neil, a thirty-nine year old lad with limited social skills a short time after he loses his mother to brain cancer. Having spent his entire life with his mom as his only friend and never having left the family home, he is unable to cope with the reality of life by himself. His only support, a drunken Catholic priest, refers him to a grief councillor, which starts a chain of events involving Cat Parliament, conversations with his secret crush the Girlbrarian, a trip to Montreal, and the spiritual guidance of the aforementioned Mr. Gere. Yes, this all sounds weird and nonsensical, but trust me, it somehow works.

I completely love the idea of the “The Good Luck of Right Now”: Bartholomew’s mother’s idea that everything bad that happens to someone has an equally good result for someone else in the world. The balance and flow of life will eventually even out in some way. It’s perfect and lovely and something everyone wants to believe in.

Also, any book that features a library or library staff member in any way, shape, or form immediately gets my thumbs up. Especially when she’s the object of the protagonist’s eye. We library employees are rather adorable!

And honestly, who doesn’t want a celebrity as a spiritual guide? Although, I’m not sure who I would pick… But sorry, Richard Gere, it likely wouldn’t be you… I wonder what Paul Rudd is doing?

Happy reading –
Laurie 🙂

ps. I wish Cat Parliament was still around. Yes, it was a real place and yes, I totally Googled it