Book #21: Landline

Rainbow Rowell, Landline, (2014), 310p

I have read two of Rowell’s books already, one teen and one adult: Eleanor & Park and Attachments. I beyond adored Eleanor & Park. It left me melancholy very much like The Fault in our Stars. It was so, so, so good and left me feeling all of the feels. Attachments had an adorable premise, but left me wanting more feels like from E&P. I have heard from a few friends that Landline was quite swell, so when I saw it on our quick picks shelf at the library, I thought I too would give it a go.

Georgie McCool’s marriage is in trouble. Her husband is unhappy, and she really can’t remember the last time he was happy. Georgie works way too hard at her television writing job, while Neal stays home with their two girls, keeping house. Two days before they are set to leave for a Christmas trip to visit Neal’s family in Omaha – Georgie must break the news that once again her job has to come first, and she can’t go. Neal packs up the girls and leaves anyway, much to Georgie’s dismay. While pining away in her childhood bedroom, Georgie finds a way to communicate with Neal in the past. Can Georgie fix her marriage woes before she technically is even married?

I thought this too was an interesting storyline. Rowell is pretty good at twists and turns. She is also very, very good at taking on difficult subjects: in this case, marriage turmoil. But for me, it just fell a little flat. The idea of being able to communicate with the past was kinda cool, but I expected it to have a more “butterfly effect” twist.

Besides the sweetest character name (come on, Georgie McCool is pretty badass), this one left me feeling somewhat blah. And not in the lovely, melancholy blah way that Eleanor & Park did.

Happy reading –

Laurie 🙂