Book #30: Four

Veronica Roth, Four: A Divergent Collection, (2014), 285p

When I first picked up Divergent, I was really, really happy. I had finished the Hunger Games series a little while before and I was looking for another dystopian teen read to catch my fancy. Seriously, this is where my addiction began. I joke with people that I really only liked about half of the series: I liked Divergent, liked about half of Insurgent, and completely despised Allegiant.

Why I picked up Four is beyond me. I’m typically a sucker for finishing up series, but a few (Beautiful Creatures, Vampire Academy) have taught me that typically if I’m not feeling it, I should just give up. (But why oh why can’t I seem to give up on Charlaine Harris. Sigh…)

I put Four on hold when it came out and I have been waiting quite a while for my name to reach the top of the list. I think that’s one of the reasons why I picked it up.

Four: A Divergent Collection fills out Tobias’ story: his transfer from Abnegation, his initiation into Dauntless, his experience meeting, training, and – eventually – falling in love with Tris. It even gives Tobias’ viewpoint of a couple key parts that happened in Divergent. I’ll admit – I’m a huge fan of Four (especially when he was portrayed by Theo James who is pretty hunkalicious). I hated the way they ended Allegiant. It made me truly angry. I do feel that there are some discrepancies from the stories in the three other novels and this one – specifically Tobias knowing that his mother was alive.

It was fun to revisit Four, but overall I thought this book was completely unnecessary to publish.

Happy reading –
Laurie 🙂